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Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am the most consistently energetic videogame commentator on youtube. If you like daily videos on videogames, for example happy wheels, undertale, gta, and more you have come to the right place! PC Specs: GTX Titan X Intel i7-4770K 16GB RAM Software used: Fraps/Bandicam to record Sony Vegas Pro 12 to edit

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NIGHTMARE EYES | Night In The Woods - Part 2

Let's spend a REAL Night In The Woods by drinking beer and partying! Undertale ► ►Twitter :

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DEEPER INTO HELL | Subnautica #40

Discover what REALLY lurks deep in the Lava Zone in Subnautica! Last Episode ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram: http://instagra

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HARD WORK PAYS OFF | Oxygen Not Included #2

I'm learning and my base is growing! Things are looking good this time in Oxygen Not Included! Don't Starve w/Robin ► ►Subscribe for more great content :

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THE VAN THAT SAVED THE WORLD | Camper Jumper Simulator

Join the harrowing journey of one man and his Camper Van as they save the world! Whiplash ► ►Subscribe for more great content : ►T

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TEACHING THE BASICS | Dont Starve Together #1 w/Robin

Robin has never played Don't Starve before so I thought I would teach him..... poorly Astroneer w/ Robin ► ►Subscribe for more great content : http://bit.l

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WELCOME TO JACKASS | Whiplash Crash Valley #2

Hi I'm Jacksepticeye and welcome to Whiplash! Goat Simulator ► ►Subscribe for more great content : ►Twitter :

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You've heard of SuperHOT, now get ready for SuperHOOK!! SuperHOT ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram:

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I finally get to show off some Horizon Zero Dawn, an amazing game about killing Giant Robot Dinosaurs! Far Cry Primal ► ►Twitter :

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DAUGHTERS | Resident Evil 7 - DLC

Discover how the Baker's story started and how we ended up in the hell that is Resident Evil 7 Main Story ► ►Twitter :

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THINGS SURE HAVE CHANGED | Night In The Woods - Part 1

Night In The Woods is an amazing little game that has charm and some really laugh out loud moments! Undertale ► ►T

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I'M NOT READY FOR THIS | Emily Wants To Play VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Your pizza's here..... Anybody home!? Emily Wants To Play with you in VR!! Resident Evil 7 VR ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram:

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Pit People doesn't make any sense but it's hilarious and I love it! Giant Bear Crushes Earth ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram:

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